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Spike Sells Organic-Fed, Non-Soy, Non-Corn Fresh Squeezed Eggs!
Spike Crows

That’s right; Spike’s gals are squeezing them out by the dozen. The Hungry Hawk Homestead has eggs from happy hens that hunt hurrying hoppers who haplessly happen into the hungry hens' hold. The hens at the Hungry Hawk Homestead are living the “natural” life of a domesticated chicken. They roam around the pasture all day, scratching up bugs, weed seeds, and grass. They take dirt baths and they squawk and "buh-gok." They do, well, "chicken things." They help us out by picking in the compost pile, breaking down table scraps and plant matter into nutritious food for the garden plants while contributing some chicken-specific doodle-doos of their own to the pile! In the summer, Spike and the gang keep the grasshoppers bounding for cover. They've got a coop to spend nights in safety from the hungry critters. During the day, Spike keeps a watchful eye out for the Hungry Hawk in the tree, and the flock takes cover in the Chicken Shack when Spike crows out the alarm. We have over a dozen layers of Heritage and Barnyard breeds: Easter Egger (Ameraucana blue-green eggs), Brown Leghorn, and Black Minorca, Black Australorp, Welsummer, and Ancona.

Hungry Hawk Homestead Bantam Banter 'bout Eggs:

We feed the gals Fehringer Farms Organic Non-Soy Poultry Layer Ration (peas, wheat, millet, lentils, flax, barley, oats, vitamins and minerals) and whatever they forage from about an acre of pasture they roam. They also get kitchen and garden scraps and occasional spent malted barley grains from Farmer D's homebrewed beer operation. In the winter, when greens are not-so-green, we feed them some rehydrated grass hay to keep the egg yolks bright orange. We believe this organic, non-GMO, non-synthetic chemical, and non-soy (read about the dangers of unfermented soy), non-corn feed regiment is much better for the hens' health, and, therefore, better for your health, as well as better for farmland, farmers, and the planet. You are what you eat, and you are what you eat eats. You will enjoy the much better looking and tasting yolks and knowing that you are helping preserve America's topsoil and crop diversity through organic farming.

Pasture-raised, organic-fed, soy-free, corn-free, Non-GMO eggs. Eggs are not "certified-organic" eggs, but the purchased feed is certified-organic and feed grown on site is grown using organic and permaculture methods. We like to call the eggs, "Beyond Organic," because even organic eggs come from hens housed in large barns with several thousand of their "closest" friends, and they've never known the wonders of sunlight, green grass, weeds, dirt, and bugs.

Happy Chickens

Directions to the Hungry Hawk Homestead:
The Hungry Hawk Homestead is located one mile north of Harmony Road on Larimer County Road 1/Weld CR 13/Latham Parkway (the Larimer-Weld county line), just north of Larimer County Road 40 (Weld CR 76) on the west side of the road. There's a big spruce tree, tan with green trim house, greenhouse, solar panels, and lots of chickens and turkeys out wandering around in the pasture. The Larimer-Weld county line is 2.6 miles east of I-25 on Harmony Road, just east of the Harmony golf course & subdivision. The closest city is Timnath, although our mailing address is Windsor.

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Hungry Hawk Homestead
3509 County Road 1
3509 S. County Line Road
Windsor, CO 80550